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  • Mood: Pissed Off
As you already know, some "decent person" reported some of my drawings. I resubmitted them in my DA gallery again but in censored version.

I will no more discuss about is this a pornography or not, or if are here in DA more obscene pictures than mine?... Never mind.

If somebody would like to see my drawings in original - without that teddy, without stars or bubbles, please visit DA page of my good friend bohemianerinaceus aka Cosco (ex Coscorella).
He has Tumblr account when you can find uncensored versions of my drawings removed from DA due policy violation.

The link to Cosco's Tumblr account you can find easily on his DA page here --> :iconbohemianerinaceus:


Ok, maybe if I remember, posting links to other web sites is illegal as well here in DA? But you can easily find Cosco's Tumblr account googling: "coscorella", "spiked tank"...


I suppose that link to my friend's Tumblr account is forbidden "thanks" to my "pornographic" drawings posted there by him... What a hypocrisy presented by DA! I'm so sorry about that...
Should I now report all known to me links (posted here in DA) to sites where other DA members show their uncensored pictures?
Should I be a hater?...
I hate haters! I puke on haters!
And I puke on YOU, you idiot who reported my friend!

  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: R3hab ft. Trevor Guthrie - Soundwave
Hello everyone!

I would like to try something...

As you can see in my gallery I submitted the picture with the teddy bear from my censored drawings. I mean this picture:
so?... by jstreel

I always do requests for you, but this time i have a request: PLEASE, REPORT THIS PICTURE! BUT ONLY THIS ONE!!!!! Hahahahahahaha

WHY? I don't know why... You will invent some reason. I believe in you!

  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: ATB - The autumn leaves


Another update: I drew the picture requested by tellywebtoons :)

  1. :iconaustria-gentleman:

  2. :iconbarricade379: .........DONE!

  3. :iconbatal97: .........DONE!

  4. :icondamsellvr2nd: .........DONE!

  5. :iconed3765: .........DONE!

  6. :icongambie007:

  7. :icongundamvid:

  8. :iconhellsender:

  9. :iconjohnnygobs:

  10. :iconjokerismyname: .........DONE!

  11. :iconkiwikink: .........DONE!

  12. :iconkp-presents:

  13. :iconkrocken:

  14. :iconmegaelekid947:

  15. :iconmichal266:

  16. :iconps1980:

  17. :iconraceboy258:

  18. :iconredfalcon23: .........DONE!

  19. :iconrysenkari:

  20. :iconshnoogums5060:

  21. :icontellywebtoons: .........DONE!

  22. :iconthatguywithstuff:

  23. :icontheperilpimp:

  24. :icontorchic498: .........DONE!

  25. :iconvespei: .........DONE!

Two additional spots for our quiz winners:
26. :iconcordefr:

27. :iconslax09:


Hey guys!

Do you like bondage stories? YES? Ok, then...

I'm inviting you to my countryman Ugiel's page :iconugiel:

Recently he decided to publish his stories. HE WRITES IN ENGLISH! :D ...and - don't worry - his English is much better than mine ;)

Please, support him and read his stories! He posted only one so far, but he has really big "publishing" plans :D




  • Mood: Disbelief
  • Watching: scarcely Reptileye, hahaha
Last day I had some surprising dialogue with other DA member: Reptileye :iconreptileye:
I commented his pic before (with some kind words) then asked him about the continuation of the story - I didn't notice that it's a commission. But when I noticed, I replied him– with joking !!!– that I will not pay for the continuation, it's a commissioner business. Well, the answer from him was:

>> Then you are not welcome on my DA page.
I don't like people of your ilk, that pretend to get a free drawing and give nothing in return.
Good bye idiot <<

Well, I wanted to reply him like that:

>> Ooooo, you called me an idiot?!
What a propriety!
You know... I don't like some stupid morons like you.
Well, I'm drawing for other people for free, not for money like you.
Bye weenie! hahahaha :evillaugh:
ps. I don't invite you to view my gallery. Up yours!<<

Maybe too hard, but I'm pissed off! I would like to reply him but I'm blocked. What a surprise, hahaha…

Best regards to all of you (except reptileye of course!)

ps. In my reply I wanted to use some swearwords, but now I see that some ot these words could read as really ugly 'cause they have a double (or more than double) meaning. Well, I would like to correct that with Polish meaning:
1. moron = debil, kretyn, idiota (pol.)
2. weenie = ciołek, cymbał, baran, pustak, idiota (pol.)
3. up yours! = goń się! spadaj! (pol.) [quoting from some Eng.-Pol. online dictionary]


jstreel has started a donation pool!
4,449 / 5,555
Once again I would like to ask for donations - once again for good causes.
I will share the points with other DA-members who are in need!


You must be logged in to donate.


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: )
good-natured bondage fan, hahaha


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Ayyyy, thanks for the watch man! c:
jstreel Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Very welcome!:)
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Good thanks Master J for faving this All Natural flavor of a beauty bound in the buff  Blush from Vault 13!
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Yeah, natural bound beauty will always be faved!:D You're very welcome, my friend :)
NuclearKedama Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Hey, regarding recent removals of some of your drawings, have you thought of opening like a Pixiv ot Tumblr or some other account to post them for all to see and not be subjected to dA's shitty rules about adult material? I myself love your work and I want to continue seeing them in their unaltered original forms.

jstreel Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2014
Yes, I know Tumblr, I heard about Pixiv, I have an account in Fetlife - agree, there is a lot of other possibilities.
I will post some short info about place when my uncensored drawings will be posted.
Thank you for your attention and pleasant words - I feel honoured when people write that they like my drawings.
NuclearKedama Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Of course. I look forward to seeing your other account.
carmag34 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2014
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Btw, thank you for watching me as well ;)
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I don't know why you weren't among the observed - I know your pictures since I signed up here for the fisrt time 6 years ago... ;)
loraxxx Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Not every artist likes or respects 3D...I am used to it...I think your art is great, and continues to improve...
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